Making Your Vintage Ride Extraordinary

Let's be brutally honest: though the CJ750 is a venerable vintage sidecar, it's also an unreliable, oil-leaking, failure-prone, underpowered piece of machinery. Anyone who rode a ChangJiang 750 has interesting war stories to tell. We know. We ride CJ750s every day. We maintain them. And we often have the sad duty to break the news to unfortunate owners: "We are sorry, but your tranny has just left the building." Our shop not only repairs ChangJiang vintage motorcycles, but we actually rebuild and customize these unique sidecars to morph them into very robust motorcycles, reliable enough to be used as your daily ride. As you will discover in this blog, we combine:
  • 40 years of insider knowledge of the CJ 750;
  • Good ol' American experience and standards of quality in the motorcycle business;
  • The precision of German engineering with time-tested genuine BMW motors.
Come to our shop if you want us to:
  • Custom-build your own classic motorcycle
  • Totally restore your vintage motorcycle
  • Inspect and comb with a fine-tooth a used sidecar you think of buying
  • Custom polish your motor, forks, shocks, and other parts
  • Custom chrome plate any part of your vintage sidecar
  • Engineer a part for you
  • Powder coat your frame, hubs, wheels, tub, etc.
  • Change your flimsy CJ750 wheels for our exclusive M5 high-quality wheels
  • Airbrush and paint your ride with a special theme
  • Apply undercoating and rust-proofing
  • Convert your underpowered CJ750 motor to a genuine BMW motor
  • Perform some preventive maintenance on your ride
  • Need some roadside service 'cause your ol' CJ750 died on the way
  • Mig / tig weld some parts of your frame or sidecar
  • Rewire your bike and do some other custom electrical work
  • Set you up with custom leather accessories that look good and feel vintage

Many of our distinguished clients are expatriates who love the look and feel of a vintage sidecar. They have high expectations, and require their motorcycle to stick to high-level quality standards. Most often, they come to our shop because we were recommended by their biker friends. And they bring back their sidecar with them when they go back home. And indeed, even if you live outside China, call us. We will do as good a work on your vintage sidecar as if you lived next door to us.
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